Composite Roofing

Indistinguishable from slate or wood, polymer composite shingles offer a beautiful, low maintenance alternative to their natural counterparts. Polymer shingle systems mix luxury and durability to create beauty that lasts. Composite shingles come in multiple widths and colors, enabling homeowners to create blends with realistic textures and shade variations.
Composite shingles are made using plastic polymers composed of “virgin resins”. They are made from non-recycled material but are 100% recyclable. Polymer resin is cast into a mold made from real slate or wood to ensure authenticity. These molds are created thorough computer scanning thousands of samples of slate and wood for precision and accuracy. When finished, composite shingles offer a blend of natural beauty and stunning details that are indistinguishable from natural products.

composite roof installation
Composite shingles are fastened through one-at-a-time using standard roofing nails. Due to their synthetic nature, copper flashings are not required and galvanized flashings can be painted to blend with your roof color choice. RS Meridian recommends using synthetic underlayment due to tear resistance.
composite roof
Composite shingles are significantly lighter than their slate or wood counterparts. Weighing roughly 1/5 the amount of slate and 1/3 the amount of wood per square, no special load bracing is required for installation.
Composite shingles carry Class A fire ratings and Class 4 impact resistance ratings. These ratings usually qualify for discounted insurance premiums with underwriters. Contact your insurance provider to find out how much you could save.